Meet Rachel Park & Kevin Bigger, directors of NOTHING AND NOT MUCH: stories about the universe

We’re so excited to see this directing duo’s piece tonight – all we’re saying is that words like dinosaur and human ladder have been overheard from Rachel and Kevin’s mouths this week, so how could we NOT be excited?

Check out our Q&A with Rachel and Kevin below for a sneak peek into NOTHING AND NOT MUCH: stories about the universe.  We hope to see you at the show tonight – we’re sold out, but scroll down to get on the waiting list!

Directors Kevin Bigger & Rachel Park

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Meet Directors Salon Panelist Kate Navin!

Tonight is our Artistic Director/Agent/Producer Panel and boy, do we have an amazing lineup for you!  Join Kristin Marting (HERE), Julie Crosby (Women’s Project), Ralph Pena (Ma-Yi), Janet Pailet (The Scottsboro Boys, Passing Strange), and Kate Navin (Abrams Artists Agency) at The Studio Theatre tonight to hear their advice for emerging theater artists.

Below, Kate Navin, agent at Abrams Artists, shares her inspirations and advice with us!  Kate represents writers, directors, composers, choreographers, and designers for theatre, television, and film.


Kate Navin, agent at Abrams Artists



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Meet Directors Salon Panelist Julie Crosby!

This year, we decided to introduce a new panel as part of the Salon lineup – The Agent/Artistic Director/Producer Panel.  We have 5 incredible leaders from various organizations (non-profit and commercial) that are speaking tomorrow, April 14th.  Please join us in hearing about their experiences in the field and their advice for emerging theatre artists in NYC!

We are very excited to have Julie Crosby from Women’s Project with us tomorrow evening.  Julie has been at Women’s Project since 2005 and became their Producing Artistic Director in 2007.  She has produced eight world premiere plays at Women’s Project and previously worked for over two decades producing shows on and off-Broadway and internationally.

Check out our Q&A with Julie below and come see her speak at the Panel tomorrow night!


Julie Crosby, Women’s Project


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Meet Directors Salon Panelist Victor Maog!

We had to take a little hiatus from blogging because we were too busy partying last night – THANK YOU to all who came to kick off The 2nd Annual Working Theater Directors Salon last night!  The Bruce Mitchell Room was hopping and we are so excited to see your lovely faces at the rest of our events this week!

Tonight is our first panel and we have an amazing lineup of directors – Erica Schmidt, Tamilla Woodard, Davis McCallum, and Victor Maog will all be at Theatre Row’s Studio Theatre this evening to share their experiences and advice with you.

Below, Victor Maog tells us to dream big – find out more at the panel tonight and enter our raffle for a chance to have lunch with Victor!


Director Victor Maog


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Introducing Isaac Klein, director of RUB-A-DUB!

This year, we decided to introduce a new event to the Directors Salon – a night of director-driven work.  In February, we sent out a request for submissions of works-in-progresses by emerging directors who were truly “driving” their projects – and selected three exciting pieces to receive rehearsal space during the Salon to further develop their work with a final public showing at the end of the week.


One of our emerging directors, Isaac Klein, tells us about his project for the Salon, Rub-A-Dub by Mike Anderson, and shares with us some of his inspirations and challenges.


Isaac Klein, director of Rub-A-Dub



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Meet Directors Salon Panelist Tamilla Woodard!

We are pleased to introduce another 2011 Directors Salon Panelist, Director Tamilla Woodard!  Check out our Q&A with Tamilla below and see her speak at the Director Panel on Tuesday, April 12th.

In May/June 2011, Tamilla Woodard will be directing Polanski Polanski by Saviana Stanescu at Teatrul Odeon and the Sibiu International Theater Festival in Romania and The SoloNova Festival in New York City.  In October 2011, she will be directing Nightlands by Sylvan Oswald at HERE for New Georges.


Director Tamilla Woodard


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Meet Directors Salon Panelist Erica Schmidt

The 2nd Annual Working Theater Directors Salon is proud to launch our interview series with our 2011 Panelists.  Next week, we are having a Director Panel (April 12th), an Agent/Producer/Artistic Director Panel (April 13th), and a Designer Panel (April 15th) and are excited to introduce you to the amazing artists that will be speaking!

Below, Panelist Erica Schmidt shares her inspirations with us.  Erica recently directed Invasion! with The Play Company and Honey Brown Eyes at Working Theater.

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