Introducing Isaac Klein, director of RUB-A-DUB!

This year, we decided to introduce a new event to the Directors Salon – a night of director-driven work.  In February, we sent out a request for submissions of works-in-progresses by emerging directors who were truly “driving” their projects – and selected three exciting pieces to receive rehearsal space during the Salon to further develop their work with a final public showing at the end of the week.


One of our emerging directors, Isaac Klein, tells us about his project for the Salon, Rub-A-Dub by Mike Anderson, and shares with us some of his inspirations and challenges.


Isaac Klein, director of Rub-A-Dub



Q:  What are some challenges you face as an emerging director in New York?


A:  Keeping my schedule full with directing work is an ongoing challenge.  I must always be hustling for the next gig, the next goal, and the next hurtle.  Once that schedule is full, it’s another challenge to find enough time to get everything done!  Time management is huge.  It’s also a challenge to keep finding ways to pay that rent while still holding on to enough time to do what I love.


Q:  Who or what inspires you in your work?


A:  I’m inspired by the ambition and determination of my fellow artists.  And, perhaps this goes without saying, but great work always inspires me.  If I see a performance that really reaches me, it can keep me fueled up for months.  If the other artists on a project I’m working on are bringing the heat, it inspires me deeply to bound as hard as I can along with them.

Q:  Tell us a little bit about your project for the Salon and how you are developing it.


A:  My project for the salon is Rub-A-Dub by Mike Anderson.  Because the play takes place in a tub, it’s very easy to find space to rehearse!  Mike and I have been working with the cast in my apartment a few nights a week.  There are a lot of questions to answer about how the world works and how the different pieces come together.  We’ve been solving a lot of those riddles together as we break down the beats of the show and, of course, craft some good-old-fashioned jokes, as this one is a Comedy with a capital C.

Isaac Klein is a director and writer.  He assistant directed the recent Broadway revivals of West Side Story and GYPSY.  Most recently he associate directed the new musical Camp Wanatachi at LaMaMa. Writer/Director credits include Dream Machines, the prophecy of isaih, dreamscape, and Timebelt76. He has worked all over these five boroughs, from City Center to Co-op City.   As a director, Isaac is currently developing projects with Nate Weida, Eric Holmes, Devin Preston, Wade Dooley, Brian Sutow, Joshua Morgan, Matt Cowart, James Stewart, and of course, Mike Anderson.  He is also currently writing a new musical entitled Legend of the Word.

Rub-A-Dub by Mike Anderson, directed by Isaac Klein, will be presented as part of The 2nd Annual Working Theater Directors Salon’s Night of Director-Driven Work on Saturday, April 16th.  Admission to all Salon events is FREE but click here to reserve tickets.


For a full schedule of events, check out our Facebook page or visit our website.


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