Meet Directors Salon Panelist Julie Crosby!

This year, we decided to introduce a new panel as part of the Salon lineup – The Agent/Artistic Director/Producer Panel.  We have 5 incredible leaders from various organizations (non-profit and commercial) that are speaking tomorrow, April 14th.  Please join us in hearing about their experiences in the field and their advice for emerging theatre artists in NYC!

We are very excited to have Julie Crosby from Women’s Project with us tomorrow evening.  Julie has been at Women’s Project since 2005 and became their Producing Artistic Director in 2007.  She has produced eight world premiere plays at Women’s Project and previously worked for over two decades producing shows on and off-Broadway and internationally.

Check out our Q&A with Julie below and come see her speak at the Panel tomorrow night!


Julie Crosby, Women’s Project


Q:  What kind of work inspires you?

A:  Plays that possess strong narrative, true theatricality, and intellectual rigor.

Q:  What do you think is a director’s role in the development of new work?

A:  Every development process is different, and the role of the director varies depending on the play, the author, and the stage of development that the play is in.

Q:  What kind of advice would you give young directors?

A:  Get your hands into as many projects as you can professionally handle. Read voraciously, and see as much theater as your calendar and wallet can manage.  Network, network, network.

Julie Crosby will be speaking at The 2nd Annual Working Theater Directors Salon’s Agent/Artistic Director/Producer Panel tomorrow, April 14th, at 7pm in The Studio Theatre at Theatre Row.  Admission to all Salon events is FREE, but click here to reserve tickets.

For a full schedule of events, visit us on Facebook or check out our website.

Julie Crosby joined Women’s Project—the nation’s oldest and largest theater dedicated to producing plays written and directed by women—in 2005, and was appointed Producing Artistic Director  in 2007.  As Artistic Director, Julie has produced eight world premiere plays, including Catherine Trieschmann’s  Crooked, Liz Duffy Adams’  Or, Rachel Axler’s Smudge, and Sheila Callaghan’s  Lascivious Something.

Julie also produced the first professional production of Virginia Woolf’s one and only play, Freshwater, directed by Anne Bogart. Previously, Julie worked for over two decades on and off Broadway, and on international productions, including  On Golden Pond starring James Earl Jones, Eve Ensler’s  The Good Body,  Laurie Anderson’s Songs & Stories From Moby Dick, Black And Blue starring Ruth Brown, and the famed musical  Carrie, among many others.  Julie also produced New Faces Of ’04 at Carnegie Hall for Skitch Henderson and The New York Pops.  A published author and university lecturer, Julie received her doctorate in medieval drama from Columbia University, where she was a President’s Fellow and the recipient of the Judith D. Lipsey Fellowship for Distinguished Graduate Students in Humanities.  Her dissertation, Divas of the Dark Ages: Women and Early Medieval Drama, was a product of her long-standing desire to bring women theater artists into the limelight they deserve, a desire which continues to spur her on at Women’s Project (


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