Meet Directors Salon Panelist Kate Navin!

Tonight is our Artistic Director/Agent/Producer Panel and boy, do we have an amazing lineup for you!  Join Kristin Marting (HERE), Julie Crosby (Women’s Project), Ralph Pena (Ma-Yi), Janet Pailet (The Scottsboro Boys, Passing Strange), and Kate Navin (Abrams Artists Agency) at The Studio Theatre tonight to hear their advice for emerging theater artists.

Below, Kate Navin, agent at Abrams Artists, shares her inspirations and advice with us!  Kate represents writers, directors, composers, choreographers, and designers for theatre, television, and film.


Kate Navin, agent at Abrams Artists



Q:  What kind of work inspires you?

A:  In the theater?  Work that is genuine and full of emotion inspires me.  Being a part of that very first conversation about an idea and watching it grow.  Invested relationships and people really inspire me.  Trust. Outside (and sometimes in the theater)? Stunning visuals.  Music.  Afternoons at the dog park.  Morning runs.  My baby.  A lot of things.

Q:  What do you think is a director’s role in the development of new work?

A:  A director’s role is a very difficult one – I think they have the hardest role in theater.  It’s partly their job to find a home for a play.  A director has to take a project to a producer they have a relationship with and trust that it’s something they want to do and that they’ll hire that director.  It’s very much like working to align the stars and almost as difficult.  I also think a director should be a real collaborator, someone a playwright can bounce ideas and thoughts off of without making it a possessive conversation.  It’s not about who owns the ideas.  And then from there, I think it’s a director’s job to take the play off the page and make it practical, in an artistic way.  Very tricky!

Q:  What kind of advice would you give young directors?

A:  Advice: Read as much new work as possible.  Know all of the new voices out there and which ones you respond to.  Meet as many people as possible and maintain those relationships.  And there’s a difference between saying, “I met you once, hire me.”  And “I admire the work you do.”  And lastly, be sincere.  I’m not saying only the sincere get ahead but I am saying that everyone knows the difference.

Kate Navin is currently an agent at Abrams Artists Agency where she represents writers, composers, directors, choreographers and designers for theatre, television and film.  Prior to that she worked at Douglas & Kopelman Artists, Inc. where she began her career after graduating from SUNY Geneseo with a BA in Theatre.  Kate represents exciting new talent, as well as more established artists and a back list of properties dating back to the 1920’s.

Kate Navin will be speaking tonight at The 2nd Annual Working Theater Director Salon’s Artistic Director/Agent/Producer Panel at 7pm in The Studio Theatre at Theatre Row.  Admission is FREE but click here to reserve tickets.

For a full schedule of events, visit us on Facebook or check out our website.


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