Meet Kira Neel, Director of Nuestras Vidas Privadas!

Tonight is our Night of Director-Driven Work – and we’re sold out!  We’re oh-so-very excited to showcase these three projects – check out our Q&A with Director Kira Neel and get a sneak peek into Nuestras Vidas Privadas.

Q:  What are some challenges you face as an emerging director in New York?

A:  One of the biggest challenges I face when using a laboratory-style process is finding actors who are open to participating in a long term project, and who have the time, space and dedication to do so. Obviously, it is not impossible, as is evident in the production of Nuestras Vidas Privadas. This is a complicated city of serendipities!

Q:  Who or what inspires you in your work?

A:  Inspiration for directing this piece comes, first and foremost, from the haunting, intricate text itself. The process is informed by training at Double Edge Theater in Massachusetts. When I was in college in Providence, RI, I saw a performance by the Theater of a Two Headed Calf at Perishable Theater, and their use of color, space and language was mesmerizing, and has always stayed with me. I work in the theater because I like to turn perceived impossibilities into tangible stories.

Q:  Tell us a little bit about your project for the Salon and how you are developing it.

A:  Nuestras Vidas Privadas is an award winning play by Colombian writer Pedro Miguel Rozo. It  tells the story of a family embroiled in lies, secrets, and a crossover of the subconscious and conscious which leaves characters literally asking each other whether the words they hear are spoken or thought. To explore communication styles and expectations, I am using a physical-theater based approach to physicalize the blurring of internal-external experience, and the subconscious-therapy-reality-dream confusion in which the characters exist. The work is extremely collaborative. While I provide a framework for training and overall development for the piece, each actor contributes an extraordinary skill set to the process – text analysis, choreography, set design, vocal work, etc, which has made this project very much all of our baby. I am excited to share it with you!

Nuestras Vidas Privadas will be shown tonight as part of The 2nd Annual Working Theater Directors Salon’s Night of Director-Driven Work at 7:30pm in The Studio Theatre at Theatre Row.  We are currently SOLD OUT, but CLICK HERE TO RSVP AND BE PLACED ON THE WAITING LIST.  If you are on the waiting list, make sure to get there early and we will try our absolute best to get everyone in!  Admission is FREE.

For a full schedule of events, visit us on Facebook or check out our website.

Kira Neel is a director, performer, educator, radio journalist and now a birth doula. Her work focuses on the many ways of listening and building community. Projects she develops are a mash-up of soundscapes, physical expression, personal narratives, radio pieces, character creation, and oral histories which have been shared locally and internationally. In 2010, Kira completed the EMERGENYC fellowship at the Hemispheric Institute of Politics and Performance at NYU. For two years she directed CALLE, a bilingual street theater for youth in East Harlem. She now works with Urban Arts Partnership developing a curriculum to teach English to recent immigrants using visual and oral storytelling. Thank you to everyone who made this project possible, and to the Working Theater for inviting all of us involved in Nuestras Vidas Privadas.


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