Directors Salon Kick-Off Party

On Monday night we celebrated the start of the Directors Salon with a party complete with actors, directors, designers, chocolate covered pretzels, and dark bottles of Brooklyn Brewery beer. 

As per tradition, seven directors wrote their names on slips of paper and dropped them into a metal bowl to enter to develop one of seven plays, picked at random, which will compose our upcoming week of theater.

The plays all come from one common prompt: “Will Work For _____”. The seven playwrights include Jocelyn Bioh, Bekah Brunstetter, Ed Cardona, Jr., Tim J. Lord, Rehana Lew Mirza, Matthew Paul Olmos, and Crystal Skillman! All these plays look at the struggles of the working class and are all imbued with individual triumphs and disappointments.

Join us for more exciting events for the Directors Salon this week including:

-The Directors Q&A Panel at 7pm on Wednesday, April 18th

-The Arts Activist Panel at 7pm on Thursday,  April 19th

-A Night of Director Driven Work at 7pm on Saturday, April 21st


_Will Work For ______ 7 New Plays! at 7pm on Sunday, April 22nd

Please join us to enjoy these incredible new plays by fascinating emerging directors!


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