Artists from last night's Director-Driven plays!

Our night of Director-Driven work was a success!  We had a full house last night and congratulate directors Anita Gonzalez, Melissa Moschitto, and Jenna Worsham on their wonderful work.

“Now, get out there and give sexual favors for money, goddammit!” is what I just heard coming from the theater…Jocelyn Bioh’s BESTIES must be in tech.

The Salon isn’t over yet!  Tonight, playwrights, directors, and actors come together in our 7 Will Work For ____. Plays!  Back in early March, we asked Jocelyn Bioh, Bekah Brunstetter, Ed Cardona, Jr., Tim J. Lord, Rehana Lew Mirza, Matthew Paul Olmos, and Crystal Skillman to write a short play answering the prompt, Will Work For _____.  We then cast an ensemble of 15 actors – Claudia Acosta, Kate Benson, Philip Callen, Jasmine Cephas-Jones, Jorge Cordova, McKenzie Frye, Brian Hastert, Bianca Jones, Bruce Lemon, Jr., Maria-Christina Oliveras, Flor De Liz Perez, Emily Perkins, Jerry Richardson & Rachel Rusch!

 Then, at our opening night party on Monday, 7 brave directors put their names in a bowl…and were each randomly assigned to a play, given 6 hours of rehearsal time this week, and a culminating performance – TONIGHT AT 7PM AT THE JUNE HAVOC THEATRE!  We’re very excited to see what directors Isobel Bruce, Illana Stein, Daniela Thome, Shana Solomon, Tracy Francis, Elisabeth Southerland, and Elizabeth Flax came up with this week!

Please make sure to RSVP if you’re planning to attend tonight – and if you get on the waiting list, don’t be discouraged!  We were able to get everyone in last night and are confident that we can do the same this evening!

Visit our website or check us out on Facebook for info on how to RSVP.

By Jocelyn Bioh
Sheila has always pushed her best friend Genevieve into doing some crazy stunts with her. This time, she may have pushed Genevieve a little too far. 

By Bekah Brunstetter
Bee isn’t your normal sixth grader. She spends most of her time looking for a poem about her long lost Dad in her belly button. Her teacher encourages this, her mother resents this. But what will she really find inside of her? A glimpse into the complicated relationship between parent, teacher and child in the public school system. 

By Ed Cardona Jr.
What would you be willing to leave behind for the good of a friend or a stranger? Three co-workers waiting to punch-in challenge each other on the virtues of time management, spatial existence and generosity when confronted by the unknown. 

By Tim J. Lord
It’s a hard thing getting by in the Twenty-Teens! So when Dawn discovers a mysterious piece of paper at her dead end job, gets fired, and gets placed on a government watchlist, it sets in motion a series of events that will bring her into contact with the ubiquitous Agent Rollins from the Department of the Interior— Just whose side is he on? And where is Dawn going to live now that she can’t pay the rent? All these questions will be asked (and maybe answered?) in “Bureau of Land Management!”

By Rehana Lew Mirza
Douglas enters the unemployment office hungry for work, but after endless hours waiting, now he’s hungry for justice. And also just generally hungry. 

By Matthew Paul Olmos
A guilt-ridden father tries to connect to his daughter back through the stretches of time. And with a gun.

By Crystal Skillman
As students protest their high school being “turned around” by Bloomberg, two teachers let loose in a teacher’s lunchroom trying to find a way to move on. 

See you tonight at the Salon!  And join us afterwards for a closing celebration in the lounge!


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