Our 1st Directors Salon Alum Q&A – Isobel Bruce & Rebecca Martinez on directing short plays from Uruguay presented by Ingenue Theatre

We are so psyched to feature our Directors Salon Alums on our blog throughout the rest of the summer!  It’s crazy to think about how many of our alums are directing, self-producing, performing, and devising over the month of August – actually, it’s not so crazy, as they’re some really talented guys and gals and we’re so proud of what they’re doing – and really excited that Salon alums are collaborating.  Check out our first Alum Q&A with 2012 Salon director (and former Working Theater intern) Isobel Bruce and 2011 Salon director (and 2012 Salon Production Manager) Rebecca Martinez.  Shortly after this past April’s Salon, Isobel started a company called Ingenue, and they’ve been holding evenings of short new work at Cocoa Bar’s backyard in Park Slope.  Now they’re moving to Jimmy’s No. 43 to present an evening of short new plays in translation from writers from Uruguay.  The best part?  The night features work directed by three of our Directors Salon alums – Isobel, Rebecca, and 2012 Salon director Tracy Francis!

Keep reading to find out more about Isobel and Rebecca’s experiences directing in the Working Theater Directors Salon as well as their projects that will be performed this Sunday evening.

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