Q&A with Directors Salon Alum Illana Stein: or what she will at FringeNYC

Pictured: Monica Jones
Photo by: Flordelino Lagundino

2012 Directors Salon participant Illana Stein tells us about her current project, or what she will by Charly E. Simpson, opening as part of FringeNYC this Sunday. It’s also her birthday!  Happy birthday, Illana!  If you want to get her a birthday present, you can buy a ticket to the show here.

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Moving forward with THE LECTURE post-Directors Salon: Q&A with The Anthropologists’ Melissa Moschitto

Director Melissa Moschitto of The Anthropologists tells us how THE LECTURE, first developed as part of the 3rd Annual Directors Salon’s Night of Director-Driven Work this past April, has transformed into a double bill with companion piece THE BLACKOUT.  

“They’re like two little demented love letters to our collective climate change crisis,” says Melissa.  The plays were devised by the ensemble using source material, found text, and plenty of improvisation with the material then being scripted  by Melissa with the guidance of dramaturg Louise Gough.  After being granted a rehearsal space residency by The Field post-Directors Salon, Melissa and The Anthropologists decided to revamp the piece based on audience feedback and reaction and ultimately decided to create a new play – or Act II – as a counterweight.

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Q&A with Directors Salon Alum Leta Tremblay: Fullstop Collective’s CAUSE OF FAILURE at FringeNYC

Director Leta Tremblay has had a busy year, and between tackling Shakespeare, a site-specific play in a Williamsburg apartment, and working on a Peter Pan-inspired musical, she’s directing Megan Weaver’s Cause of Failure at FringeNYC with Fullstop Collective.  Leta squeezed in some time to tell us about her third time participating in FringeNYC (and her first time directing at Fringe), Fullstop Collective, and her desire to direct a play with a peanut butter and jelly ballet (confused?  Keep reading!)!

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