2015 Salon: Q&A with “MAN. KIND.” playwright Don Nguyen

It’s the night of the party, y’all! We’re kicking off #year5 of the Salon tonight (and hope to see you there!), and bring you this Q&A with playwright Don Nguyen as his response to our theme “To Serve and Protect” – both personal and in his writing – really excites us.

 Q. In writing for the Directors Salon, how did you interpret the prompt “To Serve and Protect” and how did it inspire “MAN. KIND.”?

A. I was really drawn to the question of what separates service from servitude and who are we obligated to serve and who are we obligated to protect. I wanted to interrogate these notions through the lens of what’s currently been going on in our country and write a timely piece that explore these events, but I gave up and wrote about cave people instead. Continue reading

2013 Salon: Photos from the Opening Night Kick-Off Party!

Last night was a success!  Thanks to the abundance of Directors Salon supporters past and present who came to drink, party, and network with us!  Check out the photos from last night (thanks to 2012 Salon Playwright Tim J. Lord for playing photographer!) and make sure to come back to the Salon – we have a Directors Q&A Panel tonight, an Artistic Director and Industry Leader Panel tomorrow night, and performances this weekend!  


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