2015 Salon: Q&A with “Fake-Ass Mickey…” playwright Kevin R. Free

We are beyond excited to be working with playwright and performer extraordinaire Kevin R. Free  – a longtime friend of the Salon! While Kevin is making waves at Humana, his short play “Fake-Ass Mickey and “Fake-Ass Minnie Take a Real-Ass Break” will be performed TONIGHT on the Wild Project stage, directed by Christopher James Weihert and performed by Mandi Masden and Kareem M. Lucas. 

Check out our Q&A with Kevin below, and join us tonight! We have a full house but it is very likely that we can get the whole waitlist in. Continue reading

2015 Salon: Q&A with “Brooklyn Bound” Playwright Riti Sachdeva

It’s the night of the Hat Director plays, and we’re honored to bring you TWO blog posts today featuring playwrights Riti Sachdeva and Kevin R. Free. Both of these plays are two of SEVEN inspired by the prompt “To Serve and Protect” that you can see tonight at The Wild Project at 7:30pm! The bar will be open, tickets are suggested donation (online or at the door) and we are almost sold out so we encourage you to RSVP!

Without further ado, Riti shares her thoughts on the director/playwright relationship and tells us about her inspiration for “Brooklyn Bound.” Continue reading

2015 Salon: Q&A with “MAN. KIND.” playwright Don Nguyen

It’s the night of the party, y’all! We’re kicking off #year5 of the Salon tonight (and hope to see you there!), and bring you this Q&A with playwright Don Nguyen as his response to our theme “To Serve and Protect” – both personal and in his writing – really excites us.

 Q. In writing for the Directors Salon, how did you interpret the prompt “To Serve and Protect” and how did it inspire “MAN. KIND.”?

A. I was really drawn to the question of what separates service from servitude and who are we obligated to serve and who are we obligated to protect. I wanted to interrogate these notions through the lens of what’s currently been going on in our country and write a timely piece that explore these events, but I gave up and wrote about cave people instead. Continue reading

2013 Salon: Photos from the Opening Night Kick-Off Party!

Last night was a success!  Thanks to the abundance of Directors Salon supporters past and present who came to drink, party, and network with us!  Check out the photos from last night (thanks to 2012 Salon Playwright Tim J. Lord for playing photographer!) and make sure to come back to the Salon – we have a Directors Q&A Panel tonight, an Artistic Director and Industry Leader Panel tomorrow night, and performances this weekend!  


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2013 Salon: Q&A with “Ten Page Manifesto” Playwright Mike Lew

We’re so excited to have Mike Lew as one of our Directors Salon playwrights this year.  He’s currently blowing up the blog-o-sphere with his thoughts on issues such as gender parity in the theater, casting actors of color, and interning at NYC theater companies (and Mike is married to the awesome playwright Rehana Lew Mirza, who wrote the hilarious short play “The Waiting Game” for the 2012 Salon, directed by Daniela Thome!). 

Mike’s short play “Ten Page Manifesto” will be performed on the final night of the Salon (Sunday, June 23rd at 7:30pm), so make sure to check out the show, OR come to the opening night party on Monday, June 17th at 7pm for a chance to direct it yourself!  Keep reading for a Q&A with Mike about his play in the Salon as well as his thoughts on the playwright/director relationship (and how to even go about forming one).

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Q&A with 2013 Directors Salon “McRib” playwright Chad Beckim

Welcome to the first Q&A of the 2013 Directors Salon Season!

Each year we strive to bring in a group of NYC-based playwrights to the Directors Salon whose work is both exciting and timely.  They write short plays based on a prompt, and at the Salon’s opening night kick-off party, any director can drop their name in a basket for the chance to direct one of them.  The directors are then given rehearsal space and a pre-cast ensemble of actors to work with, and the plays are performed before an always sold-out crowd on the final night of the Salon.

This year’s playwrights are Keith Josef Adkins, Chad Beckim, Michael Lew, Halley Feiffer, Cándido Tirado, Mfoniso Udofia, and Alladin Ullah.  The 2013 Directors Salon prompt is inspired by our 2011 Salon in which the chosen directors each received a scene from Clifford Odets’ Waiting for Lefty, and the final event was the play in its entirety with each scene directed by a different director.  This year, we wanted to see how our playwrights responded to Waiting for Lefty, a play that’s still relevant today with strong themes that not only explore the labor movement but also relationships, religion, and discrimination.

Check out our Q&A with playwright Chad Beckim to see how Lefty inspired his short play “McRib” and his thoughts on the playwright/director relationship.

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